Welcome to Changing the Face of Beauty!  We are thrilled that you are here and please stop by and visit our ever changing gallery of beautiful faces.  Our Changing the Face of Beauty models are amazing and represent this community of children and young adults with disabilities just perfectly!

This week has been so exciting we had the opportunity to connect with another organization that shares the same passion we do.  Down Syndrome in Arts and Media (DSiAM) is an amazing organization that assists individuals with Down Syndrome in every aspect of the process of obtaining a role on TV, the big screen or in advertising!

Gail Williamson is the face behind DSiAM and she has dedicated her career to this.  We are thrilled to be forming a coalition with DSiAM in hopes that if we work together we will see even more success for these beautiful and able models!

I am very excited to be sharing Gail with you on 5 boys + 1 girl = 6!  Please check in there on Friday as I will have an exclusive interview with Gail you will not want to miss.

Don't forget to turn your TV's on to the season premier of Glee this Thursday!  Yes Lauren Potter (22 years) who plays Becky Jackson and Jordyn Orr (8 months) plays Sue Sulvester's new baby are DSiAM's talent!

We here at Changing the Face of Beauty want to thank Gail and DSiAM for paving the way for us and all our children!  You have made it possible to dream and dream big!  We are thrilled to know you!

You can read all about this season premier of Glee in a Spoiler alert right here!  You will also be able to see a photo shoot with all the actors together! Check it out!


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