Changing the Face of Beauty Gallery Exhibit - Chicago IL

We were so thrilled by the gallery exhibit showcasing 18 models here in Chicago who happen to be living with a disability.  Micheal Canavan of Michael Canavan Photography donated his time to Changing the Face of Beauty and participated in a commercial photo shoot for all 18 models and then created a beautiful gallery exhibit this past June where creatives as well as families and friends came to view his work!

We are very thankful to SolidLine Media for creating this amazing video for us!

We know perceptions were changed that night and we are so very thankful to all who participated!

Our hope is that all advertisers will include everyone in their advertising campaigns all the time.


Thank you for visiting Changing the Face of Beauty we are so glad you are here!  The most important thing you must do while you are here is visit our gallery.  It is filled with beautiful children and young adults who are proudly representing all individuals with disabilities.  We here at Changing the Face of Beauty feel that it is so important for all people to see themselves in advertising and the media.  We believe it is such a key part of true integration and acceptance.  1 in 4 people in our country have a disability.  We feel that is too many people under represented in our media today.

If you are interested in hearing more about our campaign please feel free to contact anyone listed in the contact area and we will get back to you as soon as possible!  Thank you again for stopping by and we look forward to "Changing the Face of Beauty" with your help.

We are love, love, lovin the growth of our beautiful gallery!  Without these gorgeous faces we would not have a campaign.  We are very thankful to the families of these beautiful children and young adults, as well as for the photographers that capture the light they have.  This takes team work!

We know that anyone who looks at this gallery will know why it is so very easy to include all individuals with disabilities into their advertising!

We have been in contact with 2 companies that not only agree with our campaign but they love the faces of our gallery.  Who knows what the future holds but I want to send a shout out to both of these amazing retailers for what they already do to include individuals with disabilities in their advertising every year!

Infantino - They too believe everyone should be represented in advertising and they do just that through their "Everyone Can Play" advertising campaign photographed by the amazing Kelle Hampton.  If you have not seen the awesome work she did last year and yet again this year please check out their Facebook page!  We want to say thank you to Infantino for recognizing the beauty in all children of all abilities!

Toys R Us - They love all kids and make it a point to include children of all abilities!  They have not only included models in their advertising through their annual Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids.  They have also helped fundraise both in the store and online 16 million dollars for Autism Speaks.  Awesome!  We love how they have made it a priority to include all children.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our beautiful models!  If you have any questions about our models or our campaign please feel free to ask!  We love to hear from you!  If you are interested in supporting Changing the Face of Beauty in anyway we want to hear from you too!  We would not be where we are today if it were not for the amazing moms and dads that have jumped on our team!  As well as the photographers who have donated their time to help our families with digital images!  To all of you we are so very thankful!

October, Down Syndrome Awareness Month

We are thrilled to have so many families behind our campaign that encourages all advertisers to use individuals who happen to have disabilities in advertising all the time.  We could not make this happen without all of you!

With it being Down Syndrome Awareness Month we are thrilled to celebrate with the families who have a child or a loved one with that rocking extra chromosome.  It is up to you to make a difference this month.  So be loud so that you are heard and celebrate that amazing individual who has changed the way you look at the world.  The person who helps you define beauty.  I am excited to see what this month brings!  Don't forget to share with us your missions, blog posts, pictures, what ever you might use to celebrate that loved one!  We love reading your posts and hearing from you!  It inspires us to continue and keep working for what is right.

We here at Changing the Face of Beauty are very excited about the partnership we have with IDSC and our National Billboard Campaign we just launched together at the end of last month!  This is yet another way for us all to share our loved ones with the world.  I firmly believe the more our children are out making a difference the more they will be accepted in our society.  Our children are beautiful no matter what diagnosis they were born with.  They matter and we celebrate them this month!

Keep your photos coming!  We love watching the gallery grow!  If you are interested in having your child become a part of Changing the Face of Beauty please send 1 professional picture to with their NAME, AGE and LOCATION in the subject line.  We will get them added to the gallery as soon as we can!

Also for photographers!  We love to see our list grow!  If you are interested in donating your time to Changing the Face of Beauty please send your name and contact information!  We would love to add you!

Happy October Everyone!

PS if you would like to sponsor a billboard please check out IDSC and click donate and note that donation for the National Billboard Campaign.  Lets get this message out there together!

We are so excited to participate in the National Down Syndrome Awareness Billboard Campaign with International Down Syndrome Coalition for Life!  This is a match made in heaven.   We are thrilled that they love our Models as much as we do.  The message they send daily over social media that every life is precious and should be celebrated.

The billboards will be a collaboration of Changing the Face of Beauty Models as well as Photographers and IDSC's messages and graphic designs.  Our hope is that everyone will be able to pass a beautiful billboard as they are driving along major highways in not only the United States but around the world!

We can not do this alone we need help from you!  If you are interested in sending this message to your neighbors and community please check out the IDSC website and adopt a billboard.  You can do so anywhere from 250.00 - 1,800.00.  When you make your donation make sure you provide a note stating you would like your donation to go to the Billboard campaign!

Lets join together and send this message across the nation....across the WORLD!

OXOX Katie and Steve


Welcome to Changing the Face of Beauty!  We are thrilled that you are here and please stop by and visit our ever changing gallery of beautiful faces.  Our Changing the Face of Beauty models are amazing and represent this community of children and young adults with disabilities just perfectly!

This week has been so exciting we had the opportunity to connect with another organization that shares the same passion we do.  Down Syndrome in Arts and Media (DSiAM) is an amazing organization that assists individuals with Down Syndrome in every aspect of the process of obtaining a role on TV, the big screen or in advertising!

Gail Williamson is the face behind DSiAM and she has dedicated her career to this.  We are thrilled to be forming a coalition with DSiAM in hopes that if we work together we will see even more success for these beautiful and able models!

I am very excited to be sharing Gail with you on 5 boys + 1 girl = 6!  Please check in there on Friday as I will have an exclusive interview with Gail you will not want to miss.

Don't forget to turn your TV's on to the season premier of Glee this Thursday!  Yes Lauren Potter (22 years) who plays Becky Jackson and Jordyn Orr (8 months) plays Sue Sulvester's new baby are DSiAM's talent!

We here at Changing the Face of Beauty want to thank Gail and DSiAM for paving the way for us and all our children!  You have made it possible to dream and dream big!  We are thrilled to know you!

You can read all about this season premier of Glee in a Spoiler alert right here!  You will also be able to see a photo shoot with all the actors together! Check it out!

Welcome to to the launch of our "Changing the Face of Beauty" webpage!  We are thrilled you are here! Please take time to browse around and get comfortable with our new site!  Make sure you stop by and check out our current models in our gallery!  They are beautiful and seeing them all together just makes Steve and I smile!  This is more then we both imagined when we first dreamt up this campaign.  The beauty we have witnessed both in person and through your pictures is so much more.  Our kids are beautiful!  They bring so much light to our world and we look forward to the opportunity to share that light with the advertising world!

Please continue to check in and view our new models.  I will be sharing my own sessions as well as sessions from our partnering photographers.  Additionally we will be making announcements as well as casting callouts right here and on our Facebook page.

We want everyone to be included so please stay in touch!  We are also always accepting new models.  Please forward your loved one to with the name, age and location of your child or young adult.

We are also still accepting photographers!  If you are interested in donating time to this campaign we would love to have you.  Please send your name and business information to with Photographer in the subject line.

This website would not be here if it were not for Bethany Balsis.  She is an amazing photographer, website designer and Mama to 3..... soon to be 5 children!!  Please follow her story at Our Perfectly Imperfect Life.

Thank you again for your continued support!  If you are new to us Welcome!  This is going to be a fun journey!  Look forward to sharing it with all of you!